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About Linda Alario
Linda Alario

Linda Alario is passionate about music and performing. She has written many compositions and jingles throughout her career - some of which were used for various commercials. Linda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music and a Master's in Music Education. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Music Education.

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7 Stars Music Academy is geared toward your/your child's personal music needs! We have a flexible lesson plan to accommodate you and your child's interests, talents, and goals. Our instructors are dedicated to all of our students from novice to advanced. We offer music lessons in Classical, Jazz, Blues, and Pop. Along with private lessons, group lessons, live performance, performance with a band, songwriting and composition, college prep and music theory courses, and classical competitions. Contact us now and shine like a star!

About Sound Healing
Sound Healing

Sound healing helps to restore natural frequencies within the body. The restoration of healthy frequencies can play a role in bringing the body back to a state wellness and ultimately reduce anxiety and stress.


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