Group lessons

Group lessons have it's own benefits

The biggest combo of benefits is community and camaraderie. There is a feeling of kinship and a sense of belonging that one can attain in a group class that can lead to greater progress and provide support when one has struggles.

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About Group Lessons
All classes run for approximately 50 minutes once per week

Some benefits to group classes include more instruction time, an emphasis on learning songs, exposes students to playing in a band-like setting, and encourages students to learn and practice more. Our group classes focus not only on performance of pieces but also on different activities that include note reading and understanding rhythmic patterns. During rhythm activities, students will be given the opportunity to perform on a unique selection of hand held instruments as well.

Our group classes include

  • piano lessons
    Keyboard / Piano

    In our piano group classes, students learn the foundations of note reading and playing the piano. Our students graduate from our piano classes reading music and playing hands together. In addition to learning how to read music, our piano courses place an emphasis on learning to play by ear!

  • voice lessons

    In our vocal classes students learn how to sing and read music. Students also learn how to harmonize with one another. At the conclusion of our semesters, students will be given the opportunity to sing and record a cover song as a group!

  • guitar lessons

    In our guitar classes, students will learn the basic foundations of playing the guitar. This class entails learning to read guitar tablature as well as performing various popular songs. Our guitar group classes focus on learning common strumming styles as well as the performance of chords and various finger picking styles.

  • ukelele lessons

    In this group class, students learn the foundations of playing the ukulele. In our ukulele group class, students will learn how to play some of their favorite tunes on the ukulele.

  • music baby and me
    Music, Baby, & Me

    In our Music, Baby, & Me classes we explore various songs that encourage the proper milestones infants should be attaining as they grow. Our classes encourage the use of both large and fine motor skills. Through song and rhythm activities, our young musicians will find fun ways to do tummy time, crawling, and other forms of movement.

  • music therapy for autism
    Music Therapy for the Autistic and Special Needs

    Research has proven that music withholds many benefits for Autism. Some of these benefits include improving communication, social, behavioral, cognitive, and emotional expressions and skills. We have specially designed music therapy classes that are geared towards individuals with autism and other special needs.

  • band sessions
    Open Band Session

    Open Band sessions run for 80 minutes once per week. The open band sessions will also be held on Saturdays and are open to all students. These band sessions give the students the opportunity to come together and perform some of their favorite songs together. Students will be given the opportunity to perform at least 2 or more different events throughout the year. Our events include performances at cafes, nursing homes, churches, as well as other recital halls.

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