Linda Alario

Linda Alario has been passionate about music since she was a child. She began playing the piano at the age of 4. Her first completed composition was finished at age 12. Linda attained her Bachelor's in music from Rutgers University and Master's degree in music education from University of Florida. She is currently attaining her Doctorate in Music Education at Boston University.


Linda has been teaching and performing at events for over 17 years

Some of her exceptional students have been accepted in top music programs, as well as have been featured on television and local events.

Linda has also been very successful with teaching students how to create original compositions and to explore the genres of music that they are most passionate about.

She strongly believes that every child and individual can be taught music and excel in pursuing their dreams.

music lessons

Vibrational Medicine - Healing the body through sounds

Linda is also working on a sound healing project which incorporates eastern and western musical practices for physical, mental, and spiritual healing. She hopes to be able to support all of her sound healing discoveries with scientific research and create a bridge between eastern and western medicinal practices.

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