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    Calming the Busy Mind with Sound Healing

    How to Elevate Your Mood and Release Fear & Anxiety With Sound Healing

    $20.00 Drop In Fee**Free for Membership Holders**

    Saturdays at 10am EDT and select Tuesdays at 8pm EDT on Zoom. I would love to have you join us!

    Here’s what we’ll be covering:

    - The fundamentals of sound healing: What is it and why is it important in healing your mind and body.

    - The power of words: How to replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations

    - How to clear negative energy in your life and body.

    Journaling prompts as well as printouts of each discussion will be provided as well.

    By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to learn how to release fear and worry through sound healing, positive affirmations, and guided meditation. And I promise, it’ll be so much fun and uplifting!

    All sessions will be recorded and posted for replay for anyone who cannot attend the session live.

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    Private Frequency Specific Sound Healing Session



    These sound healing sessions aide in introducing specified frequencies to target the areas you needs healing the most in your life.

    Each session is specified to your specific needs. At the conclusion of our session, you will also be provided a specialized guided meditation mp3 so that you can continue your healing process.

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    Monthly Membership to Our Vibrational World

    $49.00 per month

    I am so excited to be offering this one of a kind monthly membership to YOU! Here's some things that will be included:

    - Weekly Sound Healing Sessions

    - Live Sound Healing Hypnosis Sessions

    - Journaling prompts designed for healing

    - And more!

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    30 - Minute Weekly Private

    Private music lessons.

    $140.00 per month

    Weekly 30 minute online music lesson, paid in full per month. Charged monthly.

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    60 Minute Weekly Private

    Private music lessons

    $280.00 per month

    Weekly 30 minute online music lesson, paid in full per month. Charged monthly.

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    VIP Sound Healing Hypnosis Package

    1-on-1 Sound Healing Sessions to optimize your transformation process within our program in addition to all of the features included in the "Our Vibrational World" membership.

    $379 per month

    This is monthly package which includes:

    Unlimited access to all group sound healing sessions

    Two (2) Private sound healing sessions with me per month

    One (1) personalized mp3 Frequency Specific Sound Healing Meditation designed uniquely for you.

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