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Through her best-selling health and life transformation products, 30 Day Bootcamps, 12 Week VIP Total Reboot Programs, and The Empowered Collective VIP Group Coaching Programs, Linda inspires a new paradigm shift to take entrepreneurial women from overwhelmed and overworked to organized, empowered, uplifted, energized, and fulfilled with a new love for life. She gives her clients action plan that fits their needs and an “I CAN DO THIS!” attitude (even while balancing family life, the house AND work!)

Linda proves that by moving away from “feeling inspired” and into “inspired daily action” even a newcomer can skip the years of trial and error and instead create a simple, systemized routine way to attract your dream lifestyle. She believes daily habits plus effective small action steps can help entrepreneurial women create FREEDOM so they can feel uplifted, energized, inspired, balanced and filled with abundance while having more FUN!

The Science Behind how Music and Sound can Heal Your Body

Vibrational Health: Healing the Body Through Sounds. What is vibrational medicine and why does it matter?

Everything in this world can be boiled down to vibrational energy. Energy at the smallest level is merely molecules vibrating in a given amount of space. Solid matters (aka your table, chair, or home) are types of energy that move at such a slow rate that they appear like they are not moving at all to the human eye. 
The human body can also be viewed as merely a vibrational state of energy. When our bodies function optimally, energy flows freely at a rate of speed called a resonant frequency. A resonant frequency merely means that something is moving (or vibrating) at the rate of speed that it naturally wants to be moving at. 

The Impact of Long-term Stress
Stress can impact the everyday lives of individuals. It can result in mental and physical fatigue in addition to long-term health issues. Psychological disorders, such as anxiety and depression have been linked to long-term stress. Researchers have also found that long-term stress can also lead to the deterioration of the physical body, which can lead to various ailments, illnesses, and forms of disease. Some ailments include high blood pressure, chest pain, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, muscle tension, weak immune system, and digestive issues.

When the body is introduced to long-term stress, it causes a disruption to the resonant frequency of our cells. As a result, our cells are no longer vibrating at its resonant “home” frequency and become out of balance. The longer our bodies stay out of balance, the more receptive we are to illness and disease. 
Our bodies eventually become weaker and cannot fight off outside influences. Such imbalances can affect your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. 
In order to reverse the effects of such imbalances, the body must be re-introduced to its natural resonating frequencies. In doing so, it is possible to restore the body to ultimate balance so that you can achieve and live the life you truly desire. 

Music Meditation: Discover the powers of music through Sound Healing Meditation sessions.

Everything in this world can be boiled down to vibrational energy. Energy at the smallest level is merely molecules vibrations...Linda’s meditation sessions focus on relaxing the mind and body so that you can release limiting beliefs and step into a higher sense of being. Through these sessions, you will find it easy to attain your innermost desires. Whether it be love, peace, money, health, or wealth, Linda’s meditation sessions can help you focus on achieving your life goals! Come and experience the transformation for yourself!

Sound healing helps to restore natural frequencies within the body. The restoration of healthy frequencies can play a role in bringing the body back to a state of physical, mental, and spiritual wellness and ultimately reduce anxiety and stress.

The Healing Powers of Music & Sound
Researchers have also found that music can improve the brain’s receptors for speech, literacy, reading, and listening skills. Music fires neurons throughout every part of the human brain. No other stimuli have been discovered to have such a reaction. 

The functioning of the brain is closely connected with the body. Whatever impacts the brain will trigger an emotional response and/or response within the human muscles, nervous system, limbic system, and human mirror neuron system.
The benefits of therapeutic music listening occur most when musical activities are repeated consistently for a long period of time. 

The prolonged exposure to musical experiences can promote neuroplasticity and reshape the automatic response properties within the brain. It is important and necessary to introduce individuals to mindfulness practices to reduce anxiety levels and take control of their mental, emotional, and physical state of being.

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About Sound Healing

Sound healing is a practice which incorporates specific vibrations to heal and relax the mind and body. According to neurologist and Ayurvedic practitioner Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, sound medicine consists of using tones found in nature that vibrate at specific frequencies to assist in restoring balance within the body. 

The practice of sound medicine dates back to Pythagoras’ work during the 6th century BC.
Researchers have shown that music listening, and meditative practices accompanied by music can increase mindfulness and restore the mental and physical health of individuals.

Some researchers have discovered that introducing specific sound frequencies to patients for an extended duration of time were sometimes more effective than traditional western medicine approaches. Some doctors have found that sound therapy has been more effective than chemotherapy treatments.

Sound healing helps to restore natural frequencies within the body. The restoration of healthy frequencies can play a role in bringing the body back to a state wellness and ultimately reduce anxiety and stress. 

Tibetan traditions, philosophies, and medicinal practices show that health is more than an absence of disease. Health is a state of mental, physical, and spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

Sound Frequencies: What is it?

Sound Frequencies. What is it?

Sound frequencies travel throughout the air. The number of vibrations, or complete oscillations, which occur per second is known as sound frequencies. 

Musical sound is not only a soundwave that is registered in the brain by the auditory system, it impacts the whole entire body. It affects the central nervous system, motor skills, and individual muscles.



Mindfulness. Entrainment. Non-sleep Deep-rest. Pressure-point therapy. Aromatherapy. Therapeutic touch. Herbal medicine. Whole mind-body-spirit wellness. Energy Healing. Yin-yang balance 

Health and wellness is often mistaken as the physical state your body is in. However, health is more than simply how much you weigh or your body mass index. Health and wellness is a compilation of your physiological, emotional, meta-physical (spiritual), and cognitive states of being. One cannot claim to be entirely healthy or well if one of these components are out of balance. 

The MEND PATH-WEY is a unique program which focuses on your total health and wellness. We look at your physical, emotional, mental, and meta-physical balances (and/or imbalances). Each program is specifically designed for your body’s needs. Through thorough analysis, we determine your current health status and create a customized plan that works with your lifestyle to guide you back to a truly healthy and holistic lifestyle. 

Through the MEND PATH-WEY program, I can guarantee a customized, goal-oriented, step-by-step action plan to assist you in attaining a life of true balance in your life, diet, and relationships. 


Mindfulness can be defined as a mental state of being in which a person is fully aware and fully submerged within the present moment. Mindfulness-based programs and meditations have been helpful in embracing feelings, thoughts, and physical perceptions.

Mindfulness has been shown effective in reducing performance anxiety and assisting students in achieving a better sense of well-being when under high stress states prior to testing or performance (Diaz, n.d.).

Entrainment is the process in which one system in motion causes another system to synchronize in motion with it. This process is a universal wonder which can be observed in various forms such as in pendulum clocks or when we synchronize our body movements to the rhythm of our favorite song. 

Scientists found that entrainment could increase focus and activate and suppress certain chemical reactions within the brain (Berger & Turow 2011; Pérez, Carreiras, & Duñabeitia, 2017). McMakin and Oschman (2013; 2017) found when specific frequencies resonate with a disease, ailment, or component within the body, they can activate those elements that resonate at the same frequency, causing them to vibrate in synchronicity with one another.

Non-sleep Deep-rest:
Non-sleep deep-rest are types of activities which can be conducted during a state of wakefulness. Such activities include a deep meditation, yoga nidra, hypnotherapy, as well as a light nap. Researchers have found that such endeavors could stimulate brainwave activity which closely resembles nREM. 

It is an easy and quick way to clear grey matter from the brain and will leave the client feeling refreshed, clarity of thought, and re-energized.

Certain types of entrainment and non-sleep deep rest (NSDR) practices could heal emotional and physical traumas that lead to anxiety through producing a resonance effect in the body causing alterations and strengthening of certain brain activity (Parker, 2019; Trost et al., 2014). Ultimately, such effects will reduce or eliminate ailments and diseases, allowing the body to function at a higher level.

The different ways touch, scents and music can heal you naturally.

Pressure point therapy:

When the body is under chronic stress, bodily functions slow down and can become susceptible to pain and illness. Energy cannot flow throughout the body naturally with ease. Pressure point therapy can help alleviate stuck energy that leads to sickness and ailments.

Pressure point therapy can be found throughout many different modalities including, but not limited to, massage therapy, jin shin jyutsu, shiatsu, and acupressure. In many of these modalities varying degrees of pressure is applied to different trigger points found throughout the body. Depending on the type of technique, pressure can be applied with fingers, knuckles, or elbows. 

In jin shin jyutsu, there are pressure points which help restore organ functions, vitality, and could even help alleviate symptoms caused by a virus, common cold, or flu. 


Aromatherapy is a holistic healing practice which consists of using natural plant extracts and essential oils to promote health and vitality. Some of the ways in which these oils can be used include topically (on the skin), internally (consumption), or aromatically (in the air) through the use of a diffuser. It is important to thoroughly review which oils are safe to ingest and which ones to avoid. 

When used appropriately, aromatherapy can enhance a person’s physical, psychological and emotional health. This healing therapy has been utilized for medicinal and spiritual purposes in ancient cultures throughout the world including China, India, and Egypt. 

Therapeutic Modalities: 

Therapeutic modalities include physical movements, cognitive therapy techniques, as well as various types of journaling prompts. 

Together, such practices can assist with targeting specific emotions, regulating the appearance of such responses, and releasing unwanted responses. 

These techniques have been effective in desensitizing emotional connections to specific traumatic events, acknowledging and releasing unwanted behaviors, and confidently embracing healthy and proactive steps which lead to balance and harmony.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the practice and incorporation of remedies made from plants. These remedies can be used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. 

Many Eastern practitioners have used herbal remedies to prevent, alleviate, and cure ailments and diseases.

Plants and their extracts have been used to maintain health in many cultures throughout the world including Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Whole mind-body-spirit Wellness:

Wellness and optimum health cannot be considered complete without the mind, body, and spirit being in balance. The body can be physically fit and appear muscularly toned, and yet it means very little if the mind suffers from depression, stress, or fatigue of some kind. And even so, the mind and body can appear to be in a healthy state. However, without a spiritual connection of some kind, a person can feel a constant longing for something more or may feel incomplete and detached from life around them to a degree. 

True wellness is when the mind, body, and spirit are in balance and are well cared for. Within any program, it is important to look at the entire person, situation, and circumstances and not only the physical pain, disease, or ailment alone. Health is more than only the absence of disease. True health and wellness is living abundantly, vibrantly, and in balance with the surrounding world in the absence of disease. 

Energy Healing

Energy healing and therapies have been used in regulating and harmonizing the vital energy flows throughout the human body. 

It has been used to reduce stress, anxiety, pain and ailments and restore harmony, balance, and energy levels in patients. 

Some forms of energy healing include Reiki, biofield energy healing, spiritual healing, therapeutic touch, Pranic healing, Qigong, crystal healing, quantum healing, and distant healing among many others.

Yin-yang balance:

A common Eastern belief is that all life forces consist of both female and male energy. Yin (female) energy force resembles the earth, absorption, and passivity. Yang (male) energy force resembles light, activity, and penetration. It is believed as one force increases, the other decreases. The two are depicted as the light (yang) and dark (yin) parts of a circle.

In order to achieve your greatest life, it is necessary to balance your receiving energy (female energy) with your giving energy (male energy). What you choose to receive and surround your mind and body with truly does affect how you show up in the world and the quality of life you are able to live and project back into this world. Learning how to balance and protect your mind and body from negativity enables you to show up in the world to attract and attain the ultimate lifestyle that you truly desire.

(In Western medicine, it is known that all human beings have both estrogen and testosterone present within their bodies. Females tend to have higher levels of estrogen and lower levels of testosterone, while males tend to have higher levels of testosterone and lower levels of estrogen. In order to be at optimum health, it is necessary to balance both the male and female energy forces within the human body.)

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